Prague ETC Training EW 1550 Points - Report 2.5.2015

After last year great tournament held in Lesany Oct 2014, I have organized smaller event for club
Ogri Doupe, where we are playing in Prague. Unfortunately many people dropped, but in the end we have been left in 5 participants -  Michal Jozwiak from Lodz, Roman Liebich from Prague, Jiri Drapal from Brno,  Darregh Cullen - Irish living in Dresden and me. As I expected we have some fun, so it is forth sharing with you.

I had first met Michal and Kamila, so we went to see first on Saturday evening ice hockey match between Czech Republic and Sweden (Icehockey Championship 2015 opening game in Prague). We had lots of fun including 9 beers in total, which made me happy for upcoming games.

As we haven't had standard participation 8+ players, we have decided to make whole event shorter by 1 day. We have chosen to play 2 games on Saturday and have some fun.

Game 1: Czech Panzerkompanie (Roman Liebich) vs. Romanian Infantry (Michal Jozwiak) - Free For All

Roman have tried to push with his tanks accross the table and engaged Michals infantry and guns on the right side od table. His attack failed and Michal got win 5:2.

Game 2: German Gebirgsjager (Darregh Cullen) vs. German Pioneerkompanie (Jiri Drapal) - Free For All

Guys had a bit similar scenario as on the other table. Jiri tried to attack directly against Darreghs Gebirgsjager, PaK38s and Panzerjager Is with amoured infantry and tank support. It was really close but finally his attack failed and Jirka lost the game to Darregh 3:4.

Game 3: French Tanks (Karel Zitny) vs. Romanian Infantry (Michal Jozwiak) - Encounter

As I have watched previous game, I was pretty sure I need to move against Michal's force and try to catch infantry at open, detroy dangerous guns with AT8 like priority. I have tried to focus my tanks on left side of the table near objectives and keep at least one of them. It was quite good plan except disasterous last round when I could not destroy any of Michal's BA-10s and guns. In return he manage to kill most of my army due my unlucky dice and one minor mistake. Oh well, next time my friend - 2:5.

Game 4: German Tanks (Roman Liebich) vs. German Gebirgsjager (Darragh Cullen) - Encounter

As I have not watching the game, I have little to say, except that Darragh won 6:1.

Game 5: French Tanks (Karel Zitny) vs. German Pioneerkompanie (Jiri Drapal) - Free For All

In this game I felt not really good in the beginning, because whole field got dominated by two PaK38s and quite unpleasant PzIVs with PzIIs. Moreover Jirka's infantry have had AT4 in assault. I have luckily killed his PaKs and then whole game turned in big tank battle. After no success with dice Jirka got lost 2:5, when I killed most of his army, but 1 mortar platoon.


1.-2. Michal Jozwiak - 5:2, 5:2 (10:4) 
1.-2. Darragh Cullen - 4:3, 6:1 (10:4)
3. Karel Zitny - 2:5, 5:2 (7:7)
4. Jiri Drapal - 3:4, 2:5  (5:9)
5. Roman Liebich - 2:5, 1:6 (3:11)

Michal's Romanians
Darragh's Gebirgsjager

Karel's French

Jirka's Pioneers.
Roman's Czech Panzerkompanie.
Both winners received 250 CZK credit to spend at Ogri Doupe. I hope that guys had fun and more people will arrive next time!

Michal Jozwiak

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Really interesting and amazing way to play the game and I love to watch it live. It just not merely gives the playing experience but also is better in deploying military tactics.