Górnośląski Master 19-20.9.2015 Gliwice

Finally, I could travel to Flames of War tournament abroad once
again.  This time at Gliwice, Poland. Tournament format was set to Late War 1500 points. Let's see how we were performing.
Gliwice is nice Polish town in Upper Silesia. It is known for so called Gliwitz incident at the beginning of WWII, which happened 31st August 1939. 

Górnośląski Master 19-20.9.2015 Gliwice

We were decided ride by car to the tournament with Roman Liebich and Jiří Drápal from Prague. Our departure was quite OK, except traditional Friday traffic jam immediately after Prague. Anyways, we have made it on time to pick up Jirka at Blansko town and then followed higway to Poland. Polish roads were famous for its "wypadki" (=accidents). Nowadays, I must confirm it is not true anymore - Czech highways are currently in very bad shape, e.g. Prague - Brno highway D1.

We have arrived about 1:30 am on Saturday to Polish town Katowice, where we were alsready awaited by my friend and tournament organizer Wojtek "Zorg" Kinasz. After short talk and drink we went to sleep, as we needed at least some rest before the tourney.

Here are the list we brought to the tournament with us:
Roman "Deks" Liebich's Panzerkompanie

Jiří "S3" Drápal's SS Panzergrenadierkampfgruppe (Wiking)

Karel "DrSigognac" Zitny's Rohamagyus Uteg

Day 1

We have woke up on 7 am and rushed to the venue, so we could help Wojtek sort out tables. We just left some of the terrains we got with us and then Wojtek sent us to the nearby restaurant for breakfast.

After some waiting all guys arrived safely, so the tournament could start.

Game 1: "No Retreat" - Patrik "Patrol" Koenig vs. Karel - 16:4

Patrik Koenig's British Tanks

When I have seen this list, I said myself: "Karel, you should really go through all the lists on the tournament beforehands and compose army accordingly..." ;-)  

I have thrown on table two platoons of Zrinyi's and Panthers to ambush.
Patrik thrown on table whole army, 25 pdr on right part of the table to the field, the rest of army in a scary line of Churchills. Churchills ran forward to the center, Patrik tried support of M10s from the middle wood on his table half.
Firstly I succeeded to deploy my tanks correctly with ambush of Panthers at the left side of table. I have managed to weaken Churchill attack on right side of the table. All seemed good, but the decisive turns of the battle was yet to come.
Patrik got lucky on my side of table to kill Panthers through their weak side armor. I have killed one platoon of Churchills at middle and M10s. Zrynyis got weaker and weaker during the game, trying to kill Churchills from the side (not much luck) and his artillery (slow with one Zrynyi left in platoon).
OK, last Panther left to contest the objective and was killed by Patrik's Churchills, which won for him the game. Good job Patrik! It was very nice friendly game.

Game 2: "Dust Up" - Karel vs. Rafal "Krawat" Anusiak - 4:16

Krawat's Airlanding Company
Well, Krawat is one of my favourite players, as we play quite nice games and I always find I can learn more from him. It looks like good set up for me, but I was not sure if I can make it due to Krawat's superior skill in playing. 

Krawat placing carefully units on his quater of the table and we discuss where to iniatially and correctly place mine force.

I got chance to attack Locusts. These little bastards with AT7 and fast tank can fastly outflank my Zrynyis and kill them.
Waiting for the reserves on the left. I did mistake to come closer to the infantry in the road among the houses...

Churchills and infantry advancing on the right side of the table. All still looks OK.
Desperately figting with British 6 pdr guns to clear my way towards objective.

Got unlucky with dice and attacked by infantry. Step-by-step Krawat eliminates my superior shooting power against infantry.
Well, in the end I have lost due to superior skill of Krawat, giving me several baits and dragging me among buildings, where I can be ambushed. With such a player is hard to win. I will have to work more on my skill. Very well done, my friend! ;-)

Game 3: "Dust Up" - Blazej "Boruta" vs. Karel - 19:1

Blazej's Kampfgruppr Kastner 
Blazej is preparing for his onslaught...
Its is basically very quick game. Blazej's platoons coming from the part of the table, where he exactly needs them. My only chance is to "exchange opinions" between my Panthers and opponent's 88s. Óf course I fail... ;-)
As I did nothing wrong (maybe too close to buildings on left) I was not able to shoot enemy on right side too. 

Quick game and quick loss. Haven't mentioned that was night attack. Hmmm... I hope to have more luck in the next round. Already now I knew, this tournament turns to big lesson for me, mostly with army composition. There are too many Always Attack armies, thats why infantry armies are so good. Usually working anti-infantry lists are not such strong in 1500 Late War format as you would expect...


It is always pleasure to have party with my Polish friends!
Most of the guys at the table were really tired, so we all went back to our hotels or friends, who left us sleep at their homes, as we wanted to be fresh for the next day and journey back to our homes...

Day 2

Game 4: "Breakthrough" - Szymon "Myszka" Matela vs. Karel - 15:5

Szymon's Soviet Tank Army
OK, I hoped from the beginning to have at least some luck and hoped to attack Szymon due to the scernario limitations for me - two platoons on table maximum in mobile battle... And I have lost the throw. Oh my God! :-)

Szymon had some problems to deploy all his large army on table. My tanks looked a bit...alone on the table...
Szymon attacked with two T-34 companies at mid of the battlefield, SU-100s went to kill my Panthers on right. On left bottom you can see SU-122 from reserves. Commander Zrynyi hero who received over three hits and stand still is on left!
And this is my end! SU-122 managed to kill remaining Panthers, Zrynyis from reserves were not able to kill SU-100. Cool game and great Szymon's fair play, who noticed me I am not at the objective before shooting, otherwise I would auto-loose.

Game 5: "Encounter" - Tomasz "Tommy" Giers vs. Karel - 1:19

I hoped for at least one win in this tournament and finally I have received it. My unfortunate victim was Tomasz, who failed to roll his dice many times. In my favour went almost everything, despite I had feel sometimes I am risking too much... 

Table after setting up, My tank assoult on left begins, I have managed to neutralize 88 on far end of the table by two 10.5cm artillery battery. The biggest thread were 7.5 cm PaKs and Kingstiger on left.
Final moments of Tomasz's army. Finally I got chance to flank Kingstiger after loosing one of my Panthers. Panthers hidden in the small wood got lucky when ambushed by PzIIIs from reserves. Zrynyis has open field to finish Tomasz's infantry.

Piotr Glomski - Polish rankings leader and Górnośląski Master!
2nd place - Krawat!

Bartosz Smarsz 3rd place.
In the end I must say big THANK YOU to Wojtek for organizing this amazing tournament and for you hospitality from Czech team! Well done! 

Moreover enjoy your honeymoon and we wish you to have many young and perspective small Flames of War players! :-)

Final results you can see here at Tourny Keeper: http://tournykeeper.com/#/tournament/details/61

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It was great hosting you guys :)

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Nice looking games. Chain of Command Rules?

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Nope, it is still Flames of War...

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