Flames of War MW 1650 pts Test Game 1: Infantry vs. Infantry

We have decided to start testing our armies right after ETC 2015 in Prague. I wanted to test German Grenadierkompanie from Eastern Front book  against its night - Soviet infantry. All went wrong as expected and I had to attack two big Soviet companies...

Soviet Strelkovy (Bauty) vs. Grenadierkompanie (Sigognac)
Mission Impossible: Attack Soviet infantry in Fighting Withdrawal scenario and win in 8 turns.

Place: Club Mephit, Prague.

Soviet company was deployed as two lines of Soviet infantry in the front line, on the right were deployed 3x KV-85s, on left smaller 45mm guns attached to infantry units. In the fields close to the middle 4x heavy mortar. Bauty decided to deploy his 2x 85mm AA heavy guns in ambush close to the middel too in gap in between woods to counter my Tiger and 7.5cm Pak 40s.

Soviet Infantry, 1650 pts,  Eastern Front: 2x Infantry Platoons, 2x 85mm AA, 3x KV-85, 4x 120mm heavy mortars, 2x SU-122.

German Infantry, 1650 pts, Eastern Front: 2x big Grenadier Platoons, 1x Tiger IE, 4x 7.5cm Pak40, 3x 5cm PaK38, 3x Nebelwelfers + 1x 5cm PaK38, 1x small Recconaisance Infantry, 2x 7.5cm lel18 guns.

Soviet left flank.

After first attack of Grenadiers with 85mm deployed.

During first few rounds I have massively attacked on left with all I had, with support of 5cm 38 PaK38s on the right flank. Basically I have completely tackled one of the Soviet infantries as I didnt want to split my force.

All went good when killing 2 KV-85s,  1x SU-122 attacking on my flank. Later on I have pushed both platoons of infantry to the attack on left flank. I hoped for eliminating last KV-85 and 85mm's by my Tiger and PaKs (KV-85) and Nebelwelfers (85mm).

Before I got into assault I was not able to make this done. Three rounds of bombardment and finally one 85mm killed by 7.5mm PaK40. No idea how to kill KV-85 with one of my 7.5 PaK40s and Tiger. Tiger got bailed early in the game and not unbailed in most important period of 3 full turns...

I got almost killed my reconnaissance when getting to the church in middle, then pull back with last man standing, leaving from table.

First infantry platoon on left flank not effective - they died except 3 teams. Second platoon got pinned and in the final assult they got 6 hits on 4+ on 9 rolls. In the end my infantry was so week then Bauty easily killed them by the rest of his force. 

Whole game was about lucky hits during the assault, but anyways I cant complain, as I did what I could. From my point of view it was not bad result and this army promissing.

Only way how to change my force is adding assault group with here, so I will try and I will see what will happen next "harakiri" against Soviet infantry.

Result: Loss 1:6.

Karel "Sigognac" Zitny

Grenadierkompanie, Eastern Front, MID WAR, 1650 pts.

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21 August 2015 at 08:30 delete

Let the strelk attack in FW? After all it would be a diced.You're gonna wish you had some MG's at that point though, mobile or manpacked.

21 August 2015 at 08:52 delete

Yup, that would be perfect... ;-)

25 October 2017 at 18:07 delete

flames of war like a very interesting game. I don’t know what flames of war is, could you please post some information on it?

Shruti Modi
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