Czech FOW ETC team Greece 2016

Unfortunately I have to announce as a Czech
Flames of War ETC captain, that I couldn't
find enough players willing to play this year's
ETC at Greece.

Road toward captaincy

After very dramatic elections for Flames of War ETC captaincy, I have agreed with several people to be nominated for the Czech ETC national team. At the beginning it seemed quite positive. I had support of more then 5 mercenaries and about 3-4 Czech players. It looked doable till end of the year.

We have travelled to some tourneys (Gliwice, Brno), I went in the end of the year to Poznan and I had few games in MID WAR 1650 points ETC format till end of year. We have had ideas in the team, how to set up armies (thank you Reksio, Arek, Pavel and Ivan), but the most of the people with Czech citizenship have dropped because of money issues, eventually lack of training...

Why are Czech players not interested in ETC?

Well, it is quite obvious. There is not really consistent community playing Flames of War. Community is affected by sporadic accessibility of Flames of War products, interest in different (and not really compatible) game format. In the moment, there is only one very active and promising community at Brno, where Ivan Kedron (Iandareth) is leading guys as one of few experienced players in competitive games.

The rest of community is playing its own standards. As I am aware, guys in Hradec Kralové prefer to play more historical games or inside they own circle, once a year organizing tournament at Hradec.

There is community around gamestore Mephit, which prefer to play megabattles and its own fun formats. Casual games are viewed as boring or "unpleasantly competitive".

The whole community is basically divided by the wall of "competitive play", which is viewed usually as games with unpleasant guys. Eventually it is also viewed as game not historically relevant, with too many army compromises/errors.  Second group is focused on its own rules and big battles, which can be played for 5+ hours and it's own way of seeing Flames of War.

Neither approach is good or bad unless players have fun. There is basically not so much active players in the whole country - let's say 20?

ETC issues

Moreover, there are issues caused by last ETC in Prague. People starting to feel disgusted by manners of several teams playing ETC, basically not playing for gentleman win, but decided to win at all costs. When I add questionable organization of ETC in Prague and peculiar captains vote concerning Polish team, there is lack of interest to continue in this actually "not so funny" way of gaming.

As a Czech captain of Flames of War ETC team, I am convinced to stay on this position till next year and try to create team once again and hopefully, I will be able to succeed this time.

I hope, that I am not isolated in my thoughts and want to openly ask you few important questions:

1. Do you think ETC is loosing credit?
    A - YES
    B - NO

2. Do you like ETC location at Greece?
    A - YES
    B - NO

3. Do you have problem with price of the ETC?
    A - YES
    B - NO

4.  How many days do you prefer to stay at ETC main event?
    A - 2  (3+2)
    B - 3  (2+2+2)

5. Do you agree to change rules of ETC and have allowed just one person with country citizenship in a team?
    A - YES
    B - NO

6. Do you like the fact that UK has more teams then any other country?
    A - I DON'T MIND
    C - I DON'T CARE

7. Would you allow even more teams per country? Something like A, B, C, D teams?
     A - YES
     B - NO

8. Do you want to use minimum 50% of all miniatures produced by BfM at ETC?
     B - IT SHOULD BE 100%, NOT JUST 50%

9. Do you have problems with manners of some ETC teams?
     A - YES
     B - NO

10. Are captains or agreed referees responsible for the FOW rules during ETC?

So what do YOU think?
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Tomek W.
25 February 2016 at 11:19 delete

Hello, I am from Poland. It is very shame to hear this sad message about our collegues from Czech Republik. I have never taken part in ETC so I am not going to answer question 1-4 and 9. In case of other questions I would like to expres my opinion:
Ad 5. Only citizens of given country should have a right to represent its country. Eventually, one person from other country could be allowed as a team memmber.
Ad 6. UK is one big country. It should be represent by one UK team. Other sollution is to allow to represent a given country by more than one team, for instance A, B, C... (How many? It is good question). This question should be taken into account with question 7. I hope my opinion is clear in case of question 7, either.
Ad 8. I think that if we want to be sponsored by BfM, models from other manufacturers should not be allowed. But all of us know that there is a problem with accessibility to some models of BfM, unfortunatelly. I think that ration of the nonBfM/BfM should be max 1/3. It means 25% non BfM models in a whole Army.
Ad 10. B (!!!!!). But during an event like this, there could be the body which could solve the most difficult problems, for instance representative of BFM.
Best regards from Poland

16 March 2020 at 11:50 delete

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