KV-1: Painting Zvezda 15mm tank, Part 2

Let's start painting step-by-step Zvezda KV-1 obr 1940 kit. In fact this whole process took me about 2 weeks, because lack of time and also I was not happy with model assembly. When cut off of sprues, I wanted to add magnet, so the turret can be easily removed, then glued the rest of the kit. I believe this is just my own personal preference, but I really hate this part with Zvezda models particularly. Besides some different measures in comparison to other manufacturers, I think main disadvantage of Zvezda kits in general is it's assembling and customizing for Flames of War game. Anyways, some might say: "What would you expect for 4 bucks?"...

Step 1: Unboxing

Step2: Assembling and basecoating with spray.

I love magnets. Some major cuts by hobby knife had been done...

Doesn't look too bad, isn't it?

Spray from OBI market - 700ml for 200 CZK (~ 9 USD)

Step 3: Applying base color.

Done with green color...

Step 4: Applying black wash.

Step 5: Brushing with green again.

Step 6: Applying pigment.

I love this thing!

Oh, I love rust on this KV-1!

Step 7: Decals

Helps to with shiny effects on decals.


Step 8: Matt Varnish and we are all done! Happy riding little Soviet monster! 

Cost is about 250 CZK (11 USD) per 400ml can .

2nd tank

3rd tank

All 3 guys together!

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Thanks for giving some good tips for the upcoming painters and designers. I am also having classes for that and i want to work as a professional as well as freelancer in the same field. I hope this tutorial helps me.